Opponents Opting for Plan B Against The Seahawks

With the way the Seahawks’ defense has been playing the run, their past two opponents have tried airing it out – with equally frustrating results.

Ideally, the play of your defense will alter the way your opponent plays offense. But before the game even begins?

That has been the situation created by the stoutness of the Seahawks’ run defense during the two-game winning streak that the team is riding heading into Sunday’s matchup with the Washington Redskins at CenturyLink Field.

Two weeks ago, the Baltimore Ravens ran the ball 12 times against the Seahawks – after averaging 26 running plays in their first eight games.

“We felt confident with our game plan,” Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said after the game, “but we were unable to execute it.”

Sunday, the Rams tried to run on the Seahawks early, but quickly abandoned that plan and instead tried to spread the defense out and attack them with the pass. Still, Steve Jackson got just 15 carries – and 42 yards – after averaging 27 carries and 139 yards in the previous three games.

“We have a lot of respect for their front,” Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said after the game. “To kind of spread it out, we thought we could move it around a little bit there.”

It’s hard to blame the Rams and Ravens for their thought process, even though they produced think-again results.  Read Full Story……….

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