Rangers should keep Feliz in ‘pen in ’11

Mar 10, 2011 | Ken Rosenthal | Fox Sports

Neftali  Feliz was 40 for 43 in saves last season as AL Rookie of the Year.

This decision would be so easy if the Rangers still were the crappy old Rangers. Neftali Feliz would go from a closer to a starter and develop on the job.

But the Rangers are the defending American League champions, and Feliz is the reigning AL Rookie of the Year, and things aren’t as simple as they appear.

Everyone knows a 200-inning starter is more valuable than a 70-inning reliever. But the Rangers are trying to win this season. They lack an obvious replacement for Feliz in the ninth inning. And Feliz said it again Wednesday: He still feels like he’s a closer.

That’s enough for me — I’d keep Feliz where he is. So would three teammates I spoke with. As for manager Ron Washington, he made his feelings pretty clear over the winter, saying he would put Feliz or setup man Alexi Ogando in the rotation only as a “last resort.”


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