Latest on NFL labor situation

Latest on NFL labor situation

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NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith shared his thoughts with the media. Here’s the transcript:

“Our players stood around and waited until 6 o’clock. The owners left, and we were told to come back at 10 (a.m.). We’re committed to this process. We have been committed to this process. But for anyone to stand and turn to the American people and they question that … look … I understand there are some things that Jeff Pash just has to say.

But this is the truth: We know that as early as March of 2009, from the discovery in the television case, that the National Football League engaged in a strategy to get $4 billion of television money to lock out our fans and lock out our players even if the games weren’t played.

When I get ready to leave, I will leave each and every one of you of the media with what we call the “decision tree.” Because this is exactly a document from the National Football League that talks about how they were going to go about securing television money, and I quote, “for cash during a lockout.”

So with all due respect, when someone wants to stand up and say that he questions or doubts one party’s commitment to the negotiation process, all I would ask is for all of you — everybody who has an obligation to the people who love this game and the players who dig this game, everybody who reports that is here — stick to the facts, take the document.

We’re going to be back here tomorrow because we want football to continue.



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